1 on 1 / Small Group Coaching

Here at Allstarz we deliver 1 on 1 coaching as well as small group coaching. 

Unlike group sessions 1 on 1 or small group sessions mean that our participant is centre of attention! A perfect opportunity for us to deliver detailed coaching points that will increase our participants performance!

We base our sessions around having a social and psychological benefit. This is by challenging our participant and getting them to feel responsible for successes and failure within each session. 

Having a 1 on 1 or a small group sessions means we can work on personal goals. We will tailor the session to meet our participants needs and aspirations.


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"Allstarz 1 on 1 coaching sessions are brilliantly tailored to the individuals needs of the child with plenty of variety and a huge amount of fun. All round great value!"

Karen Dyke

Participants Parent