Welcome to the official page of Allstarz Football Club.

Founded in 2017 the club has the aim of developing girls footballing abilities, introducing new girls to the game and enabling our players to improve their social skills. 


At Allstarz FC we take a family approach to all that we do. We are firm believers in involving the whole family in every aspect of our club. Making everyone’s experience the best it can be. We understand that parents, siblings and other close family members dedicate their time to our club, which is why we recognise this in line with our players. We pride ourselves on being more than a football club!

To get the best out of our players we adapt our coaching to suit the needs of the game and their talents. In doing this we are able to provide high quality conditions for their development. With the use of review our players are monitored and we are aware of their stage of development.


For continued professional development our coaches regularly take part in courses to develop their knowledge of both on field issues, but also safeguarding, first aid and equality. 


Allstarz have a firm stance and policy on safeguarding which must be adhered to by all. This policy protects everyone in and around the club. 


For any questions on Allstarz please contact:

Chairman- Tom Swindall

07563 016819


For fixture enquires please contact:

Secretary- Jazz Payne

07563 016784


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